10 BEST Korean Learning Apps for All Levels of Learners in 2020

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Korean Pop, fashion, beauty and entertainment are growing big and becoming more popular in recent years. The phenomenal spread of this Korean wave across the world has also provoked the enthusiasm in learning Korean.

Communicate with locals, travel to Korea without stress, understand Korean when watching or reading Korean media and even work or study in Korea… There are all kinds of reasons that people have for learning Korean.

Don’t worry! I am going to recommend 10 practical Korean learning apps that serve different purposes, enabling you to learn Korean merrily anytime and anywhere.

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Eggbun: Learn Korean Fun

iOS | Android 

Price: free

From the very first moment you start to use Eggbun, you will surely fall for the cute and beautiful illustration and design of the app. This live chatbot app is the selling point of the app, allowing users to learn Korean in an interactive yet amusing way. You can learn and practice your Korean speaking, reading, listening, vocabulary and writing skills online anytime and anywhere.

In the app, you can get access to 550+ Korean lessons, suitable for both beginners and advance learners.  For instance, beginners can start with learning Hangeul, basic verbs, phrases and sentences; for advanced learners, you can get a strong understanding of the distinctness of Korean culture by exploring the Culture Notes feature in the app. Eggbun also provides you with Korean word lists, pronunciation, writing practices and worksheets.

Through Eggbun’s captivating learning experience, you will certainly be able to talk like a native speaker in a few months’ time.


iOS | Android | Web

Price: free

LingoDeer is a diversified language learning app, with over 10 million users all over the world. The grammar-based curricula are crafted by expert language teachers with detailed explanations, learning tips and pleasant recordings by native speakers. The app also includes stories that teach interesting cultural facts together with new words and expressions.

There are four different levels of courses accessible for users:

  • Korean 1 – Introductory & beginner lessons (A1/A2 / TOPIK 1-2);
  • Korean 2 – Lower & mid intermediate lessons (A2-B1 / TOPIK 2-3);
  • Fluent Korean – Improve your conversation skills (A2-B1 / TOPIK1-3);
  • Travel Phrasebook

Each course is divided into many small stages, in which you have to learn and unlock them one by one. Korean learning is available in both Hangul and Romanized letters.

Users would be able to have a delightful learning experience as it comes with a flashcard function, allowing you to review key grammatical concepts conveniently or even download them onto your device. Basic functions like timed quizzes and tests, offline lessons, and target trainings focusing mainly on practice questions that you got wrong are provided as well. Furthermore, you will relish the customisable experience, like choosing your preference for the background colour, type of script, and voice of narrator.


iOS | Android

Price: free

If you prefer learning Korean in an entertaining way, FluentU is definitely the best choice for you. The purpose of the app is to support Korean learners to learn speaking and comprehending from real world context while connecting with the culture. The primary learning materials are ample real-world video content, e.g. music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks, which are all subtitled and translated. It is so convenient that you can check out the in-context definition and sample sentences of any word in one click.  Apart from basic features like personalized vocabulary quiz and flashcard for revision, you could also add words from the media content to your vocabulary list for review.

FluentU offers you with a 2-week free trial and you could subscribe to it if you really find it useful. The subscription fee is HK$ 30 per month for monthly billing and HK$ 20 per month for annual billing.

HelloTalk Language Exchange

iOS | Android

Price: free

HelloTalk is an innovative language app, creating a platform for users to learn language in an unconventional way – learn a language by chatting with native speakers around the world for free. It is currently supporting 150+ languages. Besides than learning a language, HelloTalk is hoping to stimulate the exploration of new cultures and making friends around the world.

The app provides you with great flexibility on the style of chatting. You can chat via text, voice recordings, voice calls, video calls, and even doodles, either individually or in a group. It also includes built-in aids for translation, pronunciation, transliteration and corrections to make learning as simple, fun and effortless as chatting.

Talk to Me in Korean Lessons+

iOS | Android | Web

Price: free

No matter your purpose of learning Korean is business need, test preparation or just for travelling, Talk to Me in Korean (TTMIK) is one of the apps that you should consider.

TTMIK is suitable for learners of all levels and covers extensive content in different areas like reading, listening, speaking, writing, Hangeul, grammar and vocabulary. It teaches with downloadable online lessons with pdf notes, accompanied with supplementary audio curriculum and video content. However, new learners are preferable as free trial only includes the most basic courses.

If you would like to extend your learning journey, purchasing premium membership might be a good idea. It is reasonably priced and consists of several handy learning tools, e.g. sample dialogue videos, comprehension quizzes and certificate for each course.

Hangeul 101 – Learn Korean Alphabet

iOS | Android 

Price: free

Hangeul 101 is a practical app that all novices would go for. Hangeul (or Hangul) basically refers to Korean alphabet. As the name implies, the app is designed to teach users about the 40 letters from modern Korean along with 140 syllables. The organized and simple design facilitates users in mastering Hangeul effectively. Visual and verbal mnemonic aids the learning of Hangeul; meanwhile, romanization and audio pronunciation aids the learning of alphabet and vocabulary words. There is also a smart quiz system allowing users to practice and trach their learning progress.

You could also upgrade the learning experience via in-app purchase to obtain the full access to Korean keyboard, a total of 108 exercises of words and phrases, as well as, all quizzes and vocabulary card.

TenguGo Hangul / TenguGo Vocabulary

Hangul: iOS | Android | Web

Vocabulary: iOS | Android | Web

Price: free (Hangul) / HK$ 8 (Vocabulary)

TenguGo Hangul is designed for amateur and after that you can move on to TenguGo Vocabulary for more in-depth learning.

TenguGo Hangul covers the fundamentals of Korean – the history and structure of Hangul first, then followed by reading and writing lessons.

In TenguGo Vocabulary, it consists of a total of 750 quizzes:

  • 55 Quizzes – Covering the 550 most common vocabulary
  • 275 Quizzes – Arranged by Topic
  • 150 Quizzes – Integrated Korean and Dynamic Korean series
  • 275 Quizzes – Covering the 100 most common Hanja

The Hanja section is for learners who have already mastered reading Hangul and are ready for more advanced stuff.

Both apps are teaching with easy-to-navigate lessons, audio recordings, quizzes and flashcards, extremely suitable for self-learners.

Learn Korean Phrases & Words

iOS | Android

Price: free

Learn Korean Phrases and Words is solely focusing on Korean phrases. The scope of learning might be slightly limited, yet it is quite handy to get a grasp on basic Korean in a short period of time, particularly beneficial when travelling to Korea.

You would be able to practice speaking and listening skills of essential Korean words and phrases conveniently, as no internet connection is required. All the materials are well-pronounced by native Korean speakers. What’s more? You could record and play back your recording to polish your own speaking skills. Slowing down recordings is also available in order to get the hang of the perfect pronunciation.


iOS | Android 

Price: free

TOPIK ONE is a perfect study tool to get you prepared for the TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korea) exam. The entire design is resembling the layout of a test paper, simple yet functional.

The app can serve the purpose of mock exams, in which it consists of 100 questions for each of the level, i.e. beginner, intermediate and advanced respectively. The questions will be focusing on vocabulary, writing, listening and reading, and some of them will be from previous TOPIK exams. There are also feedback for each question, which is very helpful for studying.

NAVER Korean Dictionary

iOS | Android | Web

Price: free

NAVER Korean Dictionary, a must-have item for all Korean learners, offers accurate, credible and abundant dictionary contents, allowing everyone to learn Korean with ease.

The app encompasses more than 6 million words alongside heaps of examples, sentences, voice actor-recorded pronunciation and TTS pronunciation, as well as related forms and grammar tips. Various built-in languages input methods and interpretations of popular Korean idioms are added to favour the learning of Korean.

You could utilize some exclusive functions, like Word book, where you could create your own word book with vocabulary of your choice; and Today’s Korean, where you could learn Korean with a new conversation script every day.



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