How to Choose English Courses? | List of Recommendations of English Courses

Why learning English is so important? English is the most spoken second language and dominant business language in the world. It was said that one in five people on the planet speak or understand at least a bit of English.

Mastering English enables you to communicate with billions of people around the world. You could travel and find a job with ease as knowing English largely diminish the language barrier. You could also access to so much more media content, like TV, songs, news and books, etc. without the need of translation.

Learning English is definitely the first step to embark your journey of international communication.
So, let’s take a look at some tips on choosing a suitable English course.

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10 BEST Korean Learning Apps for All Levels of Learners in 2020

Korean Pop, fashion, beauty and entertainment are growing big and becoming more popular in recent years. The phenomenal spread of this Korean wave across the world has also provoked the enthusiasm in learning Korean.

Communicate with locals, travel to Korea without stress, understand Korean when watching or reading Korean media and even work or study in Korea… There are all kinds of reasons that people have for learning Korean.

Don’t worry! I am going to recommend 10 practical Korean learning apps that serve different purposes, enabling you to learn Korean merrily anytime and anywhere.

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【Chem 補習邊個好?】附 DSE 應考技巧分享!

Chem 是一門非常著重concept的科目,找 chem 補習的同學愈來愈多。究竟應該搵 chem 補習名師、補習社抑或是 chem 私人補習?化學補習其實各有好壞,本文一次過為你比較三種補 Chem 方法,讓你能挑選最符合自己需求的 Chem 補習推薦!

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【日文檢定】JLPT N2點樣一次性合格? 應試規劃你要知!

若然想在履歷上展示自己的日語技能、受公司認可日語溝通的水平、通過去日本留學或交流的日語要求,那麼你可考慮應考JLPT N2日文考試。考獲N2日檢算是日語最基本受認可的門檻。此外,N2對於鐘情於日本文化的人極為實用,因為敬語、複雜的文法、高階及正式場合用的單字都包括在N2的範圍內。學會的話,就能讀懂聽懂更多日本媒體的資訊,尤其是新聞和報章,真真正正地深入了解日本的生活文化。所有N2日檢的詳細資料已寫在下文內。有興趣的人,不妨花5分鐘看一看。

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【英文文法】一文教你分清since用法!以後唔再同as, because, for混淆!


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