FREE Portuguese Lessons | TOP 20 Sites for Learning Portuguese Online! [2019 updated]

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Now you are learning Portuguese, and you try to find out the best Portuguese lessons? Before spending your money, you should know all free resources for learning Portuguese, and make most of it! In this article, we cover 20 sites for beginners, intermediate Portuguese learners as well as Advanced Portuguese classes. Keep in mind that you still could mark the resources suitable for others.

Learning European Portuguese or Learning Brazilian Portuguese?

Oh, you might worry about you are learning European Portuguese or Brazilian European Portuguese, and you couldn’t find the corresponding resources. No worry. We also handle these issues well in this article. 
If you want to learn more about the difference between Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese. You could see this latest introduction. 

Ok, Now we shall begin. 

A.Beginner Portuguese Podcasts, Videos and Other Resources(A1-A2)

As a English native speaker, (or English as a Second language), the Alphabet won’t be the crucial problem to you. So where to begin?
Vocabulary? Grammar? Reading ?
Actually, most people start their mother tongue with “listening” and “speaking”. That’s how babies learn to speak and start to know this world. So we recommend you should keep this concept in mind. If you are beginners for Portuguese language, try to keep your ears on and mimic how the native speaker speak Portuguese. That will help you improve your Portuguese skill very fast

Podcasts, Videos and Other Resources to Learn beginner European Portuguese

  • Memrise: This is a very nice website for Portuguese beginners. They have more than 100+ Portuguese lessons without any costs. You could simply join the lessons followed by most people. Usually they have 1 to 3 hours for a lesson. I bet you will be very excited since after finishing your first lesson 
  • Practice Portuguese: Practice Portuguese’s learning resources contains podcast, videos. It is easy for you to learn European Portuguese by these unlimited learning material. They also have so-called “shortie” Each shortie describe the different possible situation in our live and lasts no more than 5 minutes. It is suitable for beginners. This program could lesson your learning time but boost your learning efficiency in the meanwhile.
  • European and Brazilian): provide both European and Brazilian Portuguese common words, pronunciation, alphabet, numbers, seasons and so on. You could learn those words one by one. 
  • learn Portuguese with Rafa: This website gives you some wise and smart tips to learn Portuguese. Useful phrases and words are also included. It’s not interactive though, but you will have strong mindset after reading through the suggestions they provide. 

Podcasts, Videos and Other Resources to Learn beginner Brazilian Portuguese

  • Duolingo: I am also a big fan of Duolingo for learning other languages! Download this free and stylish app, then you can start with repeating vocabularies and simple sentences created. They make you immersed in learning new language like playing the game. Unfortunately they only have the version of Brazilian Portuguese. 
  • BBC learning Portuguese: It a nice website to learn Portuguese in a very beginning level. (for greeting, small talk, booking the room and so on) It’s a pity that now they won’t update this website anymore. But you still could find out the TV program and transcripts on this website. 
  • Learn Portuguese Now: “Learn Portuguese Now” is the website you could start to learn Portuguese by simple and easy sentences. They now build 15 lessons to lead you into the Portuguese world. Additionally, if you want more Portuguese learning materials, you could also turn to “Free Ebok” website and get one. You will find useful Portuguese phrase, common Portuguese verbs Portuguese flashcard to help you learn Portuguese language well!
  • Youtube Channel: We will introduce more about “PortuguesePod101” later. It is one of the famous website for learning Portuguese. They have their own Youtube channel. You could find out many short video about Portuguese language. For beginner learner I recommend you could see their youtube videos firstly to build the preliminary knowledge about Portuguese language.

Intermediate Resources (website, youtube channel) for European Portuguese 

  • RTP Zigzag: RTP IS Portugal’s public broadcasting network. No English version on this website. So in the beginning, it will be a little difficult for you to get used to it. But they provide a variety of videos within 5 minutes. You will feel a sense of achievement when you could understand what video is talking about
  • NHK World Radio Japão: Like BBC news, NHK (based in Japan) also provides the news of European Portuguese version. It is quite a high-quality material for you to enhance your listening comprehension skill. 
  • Portuguêses no Mundo: This podcast offers over 60 episodes of Portuguese lessons so far! They are now still updating the new document frequently. They share so many topics about traveling around the world. Each lesson introduces different city. So if you are a city goer, don’t miss this one. 
  • Visiokids: Ciência para Crianças: This website created many cartoon animations for kids and their topics are mostly science-related. You will see that the main role exercises many kinds of experiment or introduces some astronomy knowledge. Unfortunately, it won’t update the new videos anymore. But there are sufficient videos for you to learn more about science in Portuguese. 


Intermediate Resources for Brazilian Portuguese

  • “” offers over 1180 Audio and video lessons! Each lesson is paired with detailed lesson PDF notes, so it won’t be a problem if you fail to keep up with host’s talking. The most amazing thing is you could learn it from beginner level all the way to advanced level. Most of the lessons are for free. But If you want to get full access to all the lessons, you need to become a paid membership. 
  • Cinem(ação). If you are into watching films, then Cinem could archive into your bucket list. They have 300 film-related audios. Most of audios are created from the Hollywood films. This website also updates on the weekly basis. Don’t miss it!
  • Recontando: All the latest news or some interesting information on this website was originally designed for kids. So it will be easy for you to follow up. Their website style is high-end, you won’t get bored very soon. They also possess their own Twitter account and Facebook page so that you won’t miss the latest news!


C. Advanced Portuguese Language Lessons (C1-C2)

Now that you have strong Portuguese language knowledge, it is time to deeply comprehend their daily life. So, I recommend you could start to read some in-depth reporting. Reading daily news is a good way to absorb high-end information. 

Advanced European Portuguese

  • Conta-me Tudo: This podcast is devoted to interesting, promising stories. They now have over 120 episodes. Each episodes will invite different speaker narrating their unique stories about daily life, career. They all talk in Portuguese very quickly, so I will say it is suitable for advanced learner. 
  • is the popular news website for European Portuguese. I highly recommend. You could dig deeply resources (about sport, politic, and celebrities) on this website on your own. You will widen your horizon for sure!

Advanced Brazilian Portuguese

  • Dw(Deutsch Welle) : Deutsch Welle? You might feel confused if you’ve heard this German broadcasting. The surprising fact is that they also provide Brazilian Portuguese and African Portuguese version! Their topic covers all-dimensional news. You could also practice your listening skill by watching their video. 
  • is the official news website for Brazil. Like BBC or CNN news, they not only have article about the latest news, but they also contains numerous videos to help you understand the Brazilian daily life.

Want 1-on-1 Portuguese tutor online?

If you are not satisfied with all these free resources above and hope to talk more, then find a Portuguese tutor suitable to you!
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ryan Y.

I am a Polyglot. could speak over 5 languages and now try to master more languages until my life ends. Deeply Addicted in travel. Have been to over 25 countries.

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