Korean Classes|Best 30+ Online Korean Classes and Resources

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Learn Korean online with this ultimate list, including all kinds of online Korean classes and resources (apps, video, audio, courses, you name it)

As the trend of Kpop blows up these years to the western world, more people want to learn Korean to gain a deeper insight of the Korean world and the first-handed news of the top Korean idols.

Apart from that, people also learn Korean for appreciating the fascinating Korean culture. No matter for what reasons to learn Korean, you can always make good use of the online resources to enhance your Korean.

In today’s article, you will find a completed list of some of the handy and useful online Korean classes and resources that work perfectly for either beginners or advanced learners. 

Korean Classes – Online Korean Courses

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  • Talk to Me in Korean: If you just start to learn Korean you must know TTMIK. If you are already an advanced learner, you must have connected to TTMIK once. TTMIK is a Seoul-based Korean team providing online Korean lessons for Korean learners. They have a wide range of free classes and paid products for beginner level to advanced level, including online audio and video courses, text books, Youtube channel and Podcasts. Reviews of TTMIK are mostly positive online, and it’s probably one of the most well-known Korean learning resources among the Korean learners!   


  • Coursera-Learn to Speak Korean: This is an online Korean course offered by Yonsei University, a prestigious university in Korean. From this 14 hours online course, beginners get to learn the basic skills, such as expressions, conversations and vocabularies for interacting and communicating with Koreans. The estimated time spent to complete the whole course is 6 weeks. Once you finished the whole course, you can get a certification to proof your accomplishment. 


  • Coursera-First Step Korean: This is also an online Korean course from Yonsei University taught by a Korean professor from the department of Korean Language Education as a foreign Language. In this course, you will learn the elementary knowledge of Korean in terms of reading, writing, listening and speaking. It takes about 12 hours (5 weeks as suggested) to complete the whole course. 
  • How to study Korean: This is a websites containing abundant Korean learning lessons and they are totally FREE. It especially targets at helping people speak Korean fluently.  In each lesson, you will go through several grammar points with detailed explanations, vocabulary lists, useful sentences and audio lessons recorded by native Koreans. As long as you complete all the classes, you basically know 99.9% of the commonly used grammar in Korean conversation. 
  • Cyber University of Korea: CUK was established in 2001, the very first cyber university in Korea. Quick Korean is a free online Korean learning program opened to people from all over the world. The online courses are well-designed by Korean language scholars. The course contents includes Korean language and culture at different levels. So far, there are nearly 200 countries registered for the courses.  

Korean Classes – YouTube Channels 

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  • Korean Unnie 한국언니: You get to learn Korean with a pretty Unnie (meaning “sister” in Korean) in this YouTube channel. It covers various topics regarding to learning Korean alphabets, grammar structures, vocabularies and phrases commonly used in a daily bases through dramas and Kpop.


  • KBS World TV Pit-A-Pat Korean: This video series was produced by KBS, a Korean TV channel. You can enjoy learning Korean in a much interesting way with Pit-A-Pat series, as they use Korean dramas and Kpop as the main resources for learning. In each video, a Korean teacher will explain the phrases and grammar used in the drama after the clips are played. Therefore, you will learn some useful sentences for daily conversation while enjoying watching the popular drama at the same time.  
  • Prof. Yoon’s Korean Language Class: It’s a relatively serious YouTube Korean learning channel, containing Korean classes for beginner and intermediate learners. It also offers lessons for TOPIK test. You can take the lessons with the recommended textbook for a better comprehension and pace for learning.
  • Learn Korean with GO! Billy Korean: Billy is an American who self-learned Korean from 2005. He’s lived in Korea for a while, traveled to Korea and is able to speak a fluent Korean. Since he learn Korean mostly by himself, he knows how Korean language learners suffer when facing some of the parts of learning Korean. In his channel, you can find a learning series with downloadable PDF files that help you learn anywhere anytime.


  • Korean Class 101: This is the YouTube channel managed by KoreanClass101.com, an online Korean language learning website. There are audio and video lessons available in this channel. You can find playlists of certain categories, such as Korean listening, vocab, phrases and grammar, and Korean learning tips.
  • seemile 씨마일: The channel is operated by several native Koreans. In their videos, you get to learn basic Korean alphabets, phrases and conversation tips. They provide some free learning files as well!  Videos about TOPIK testing are also available in this channel.  

Korean Classes – Online Korean Audio/Podcasts

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  • Korean Class101: Want to learn Korean pressure-free? Then try Korean Class101 Podcasts! Each episodes lasts no more than 5 minutes, and covers topics of Korean language and culture. New episodes are constantly renewed so no worries for interruption!


  • Talk to me in Koran-Grammar: Produced by TTMIK. In this Podcasts, the 2 hosts Hyunwoo and Kyeong-eun from TTMIK bring you through Korean grammar starting from level 1. You can play the audio with the accompany of their textbooks, workbooks and e-books (paid).


  • Survival phrases: It’s a dated audio resources for Korean language learning but still earned good credits from online learners. The length of each episode is not long, and it cover plenty of daily scenario, for example, it teaches you how to greet people and communicate in a way people normally use in Korean. 
  • Learn Korean the Easy Way: Launched by Language Superstar, who provides other types of language audio lessons on Spotify. There are 9 episodes of Korean lessons in total. The longest episode lasts over an hour, so you can separate it into several segments for better comprehension.  


  • Real-Life Korean Conversations For Beginners: Also an audio series produced by Talk to Me in Korean. It’s perfect for people who want to speak natural Korean since this Podcasts includes Korean conversation from real-life. You can choose the episodes you’re interested in by check the name of each episode which referring to different scenarios. 


  • Learn Korean with David: This Podcasts consists of mini episodes of 5-6 minutes each. You will learn things about Korean language and cultural differences. When you have any question regarding to Korean, feel free to contact the producer via email.  


  • IYAGI – Natural Korean Conversations For Learners: Talk To Me in Korean has several Podcasts of different topics and IYAGI is one of them.  From this Podcasts, you are able to improve your Korean listening skills and enhance your vocabulary loads from the natural conversation between native Korean speakers.  


  • Sponge Mind: It’s a language learning Podcasts focusing on English and Korean language with a high rating score 4.9/5 on Podcasts. There are two language versions of each episode, which means that you can train your Korean listening comprehension by checking the English version after the Korean one. Some reviewers mentioned that the content of each episode is insightful, fun and relatable. It’s overall highly recommended by the audiences.

Online Korean English Dictionary

  • Naver: The dictionary is the most widely used Korean dictionary online and is available on both the website and app. It is created by NAVER.COM, the most popular search portal service in Korea. It provide grammar tips, origin words, derivatives and applications of each word. You can input the word by handwriting, voice recognition, and texting.       
  • Daum: Another popular Korean dictionary that is easier to use with its simple interface.

Learn Korean with APPs

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  • LingoDeer: It’s a language learning app available on desktop and mobile devices in Google play and Apple store. One special thing about this app is that it’s especially designed for learning Asian languages. There are sufficient lessons from basic to advance levels. Each lessons includes listening, word matching, typing  and quiz. Though being a paid app, it’s worth the price. 


  • Duolingo: Similar to LingoDeer, a popular language learning app. You can either take a placement test to begin with your current level or start from the scratch. In each lesson you have only a few times for making wrong answers, so you have to be careful to avoid from “losing the game”. 


  • HelloTalk: It’s a language learning app where you can learn language by talking with people form all around the world who speak the language you want to learn. You need to put in your native language and the one you want to learn when you first sign up for an account. 


  • Drops: This app features in its minimalist illustration and 5 minute session limit per day. It’s a vocabulary-based learning app that focus only on curated words that are in practical use.  


  • 90 Day Korean: You get to make a basic communication in Korean from this online course. Each week, you will receive the material for the course. You can set your own learning pace and retain the knowledge of Korean language that you only need to know by applying the 80/20 method suggested in the course.    

Other Korean Learning Resources

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  • Memrise: a language learning tool that includes lots of listening and speaking for you to sharpen the both the skills. You can also learn Korean with the locals that help you improve your real Korean usage skill. 


  • Quizlet: a useful flashcard tool for you create your own or find others’ flashcards to memorize Korean vocabularies   


  • Anki: also a flashcard system that helps you save time studying Korean and makes your learning more efficient. It flashcard support the form of images, audio, videos and markup, so that you can memorize things via creative ways. 


  • Humans of Seoul: This Facebook fanpage serves as a nice Korean reading material for its daily post containing both English and Korean language. You can test your Korean reading comprehension by blocking the English version and learn some interesting news and facts about Korea in the meanwhile!  

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Let’s make learning Korean fun and easy 🙂

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