Best 10 FREE Online Arabic Classes and 20+ Arabic Learning Resources

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Looking for Arabic classes? 10 best online Arabic classes and 20+ free online Arabic learning resources introduced in this article to help you boost your Arabic language learning. A wide variety of materials are provided, including Youtube channels, podcasts, apps, and other useful tools that help you memorize vocabularies effectively.

Online Arabic Classes

Alison is one of the world’s largest free learning platforms for education and skills training. This course is offered by Dalarna University in which 106,622 students have enrolled. This course will start your Arabic learning journey in a clear, simple, and engaging manner, getting you one big step closer to fluency in a new and exciting language.
This course is a course that will introduce you to basic phrases and sentences. Offered by Advance Learning Academy and enrolled by 7,135 students. 
This is a free course includes 3.5 hours of on-demand videos. Over 6,071 students have taken this course. The whole course content would teach you to learn how to recite the Quran or read from Arabic alphabets to actual words. 
This course is designed to teach you Arabic letters, lower case, and upper case, how to join letters, use of vowels, long vowels, silent letters, examples for practice, double letters, how to spell, punctuation. etc. The instructor offers a variety of online Arabic classes on Udemy.
This is a well-structured Arabic course, teaching you Syrian / Lebanese Arabic from the very beginning levels. This course is provided by a professional tutor who is the founder of London Arabic Tuition. Hence, this course is not a free one. But Udemy often offers discounts. 
These 5 courses are a series of Arabic classes given by Haytham Ibrahim, Ph.D. who has been a hot-selling instructor on Udemy. Level 1 course has attracted more than 12,000 students to join and get a 4.6 rating which is pretty high. Given that it’s a serial class in which you can get a progressional improvement on your Arabic studying. However, this course does require you a certain amount of money. You can wait for Udemy sales and buy at that time.
This course handles Lebanese Arabic 101. It is the beginner level of Arabic and the most spoken dialect. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to hold conversations in Arabic with others! This course also gets a high rating at 4.7 with around 800 students enrolled. Not a free lesson again, but this is not an expensive course.
Madinah is a dedicated free resource to students seeking to Learn Arabic Online – beginner to advanced level. It offers two different self-paced reading-based courses, one for the very beginner to equip them with the reading ability while the other one teaches the basic phrases and sentence structures.

Arabic Classes Near Me

Apart from online Arabic classes, you might also want to work with tutors in person. Local Arabic tutors offer a better learning experience in terms of interaction and intimacy. You feel more supported by your Arabic tutor in person than through Skype. 

  • Arabic classes NYC
  • Arabic classes Chicago
  • rabic classes DC
  • Arabic classes Boston
  • Arabic classes Los Angeles
  • Arabic classes San Francisco


Learn Arabic – Videos is an online Arabic language learning website. They offer both audio and video lessons. You can learn the basics including alphabets and pronunciation by watching their youtube channels. They offer advanced videos for higher-level Arabic learning demands as well.
Easy Arabic is a non-profit project aiming to help people learn languages through authentic street interviews. Their videos show local language and culture in natural, everyday situations. This gives them superiority than other channels. If you’re not an absolute beginner, check this channel for real and in-context conversations.
LearnArabicwithMaha is spreading knowledge of Arabic Language, Culture, Middle Eastern Cuisine, and Tourism. You can get exposed to more Arabic cultural things on this channel. Also, Maha is really charming!
This channel provides engaging contents mainly for children. But it’s also a good resource for beginners.
Hiba Najem has recorded over 75 videos including 41 Lebanese Arabic lessons along with some tour videos traveling around Lebanon as well.
BBC Languages offers basic materials for learning Arabic. They offer audios and transcripts.

Learn Arabic – Podcasts

On this podcast, you’ll find 20-30 minute Arabic lessons and motivations. Perfect for your commute, lunch break or gym session. Sam talks about general topics on learning Arabic.
Chai Break Arabic, a podcast designed to teach you conversational Arabic step by step. It covers topic like greetings, basic expressions.
ArabicPod101 again, the content’s slightly overlapped with its youtube channel. 
BBC Xtra is the flagship daily 2 hours live magazine program on BBC Arabic, driving social and human interest issues onto the main news agenda of the Arabic Service. It would be a good material for advanced learners.

Learn Arabic – Apps

Duolingo is probably the most dominant app in the language learning industry. It has good user experience and beautiful interfaces. The best feature is their solid content with gamification in each unit to make you progress a lot in Arabic.
Memrise is also famous for its alphabet and vocabulary learning. Its repetition system really helps users to consolidate new words, phrases, and sentences when learning a new language.
Drops is a newcomer in the language learning industry, but it has won the best Google Play apps in 2018. Its main feature is to help users to learn vocabularies bit by bit every day.
LingQ helps you learn new vocabularies by reading. Its method is quite useful and helpful. You first choose an article that is not far beyond your level. Mark every word you know, and mark those you don’t know into your new vocabulary list. Day by day, you would see your big progress.
Busuu provides a lot of video contents to get users into the contexts and learn a new language naturally. Apart from video contents, they also have a worldwide community that you can either write or record yourself and request a native speaker to help you check your words.
Mondly works similar to Duolingo and Memrise. But they have a VR learning system which is different from other language learning app.


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