Best 10 FREE Online Arabic Classes and 20+ Arabic Learning Resources

Looking for Arabic classes? 10 best online Arabic classes and 20+ free online Arabic learning resources introduced in this article to help you boost your Arabic language learning. A wide variety of materials are provided, including Youtube channels, podcasts, apps, and other useful tools that help you memorize vocabularies effectively.

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6 Best Online SAT Prep Classes & Courses for [2019 Updated]

We hired professional SAT research team of 35+ experts to conduct a comprehensive research and compiled this list of 6 best free SAT test prep course, class, printed books ,video instruction, certification study plan, mobile App online for 2019. The list has both free and paid online resources to help you prepare for SAT exams. Don’t worry. These classes are suitable for all levels: from beginners, intermediate learners, through to advanced experts. 

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Korean Tutor Websites

10 Best Websites for Finding a Korean Tutor

Do you love K-pop or Korean drama? Are you intrigued by the mysterious Korean culture and traditions? Or are you fascinated by the amazing food and dying to take a trip to Korea? Learning Korean is the best way to truly appreciate the wonderful things Korea have to offer. And finding a great tutor is often the best way to do that. Here are some of the best websites that can help you find the right Korean tutor for both online and in-person classes instantly.

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FREE Portuguese Lessons | TOP 20 Sites for Learning Portuguese Online! [2019 updated]

Now you are learning Portuguese, and you try to find out the best Portuguese lessons? Before spending your money, you should know all free resources for learning Portuguese, and make most of it! In this article, we cover 20 sites for beginners, intermediate Portuguese learners as well as Advanced Portuguese classes. Keep in mind that you still could mark the resources suitable for others.

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Best 10 Vietnamese classes Near Me & Online

Most people will think Vietnamese is hard to learn, but is it really not easy? No, it’s just a rumor, learning Vietnamese is far easier than you think, only the pronunciation is the difficult thing of Vietnamese, the other parts are easier than what you might expect, so you don’t need to be upset when you learn Vietnamese, you can face the challenges when you learn Vietnamese language.

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Free Online Chinese Classes

Top 20 Free Online Chinese Classes and Courses

Whether you are learning Chinese because of its ancient and exotic culture or simply intrigued by the mystic Chinese characters, you know you are in for a wild ride! Learning Chinese is by no means a simple task due to its completely different writing system and the unique pronunciations. Well, worry not, we have here today 20 of the best free online Chinese classes, courses, lessons, training program and learning resources to help you master this amazing language.

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